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Proclaimation and lists

List one, things that are true

1. God is good and he is in a good mood.

2. When I feel left alone and separated from God, I know that he has never left me or forsaken me because I am his son.

3. My life has had difficulty and disappointment, but God has turned everything around for my good.

4. Even when I do not feel like doing it, God is worthy of praise and worship. I choose in whatever is going on to praise and worship Him.

5. We live in an unstable world, economically, politically, and environmentally but God is in control. If I keep my peace, he will lead me through every circumstance and cause my life to be full of his blessings.

6. My wife has been a good thing in my life and she has brought the favor of the Lord to me.

7. My life belongs to Jesus if I live I will serve him, if I die I will go to be with him.

8. God has a purpose and plan for my life if I cooperate with him I will see his plan and purpose happen.

9. God has taught me his ways in the down times of life, he has restored me in times of happiness and friendship.

10. I do not always understand or agree with what is going on in my life. However, I know if I trust God, he will direct my path.

God Bless You!

James Yates