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The name God chose to be known to Moses and to the Psalters. Reveals a personal covenant keeping God this name was so sacred it could not be spoken and was written without the vowels YHWH whenever the name was read out loud it was pronounced Yahweh.   I feel sorry and cheated that we as Americans have such freedom of speech that there is nothing we cannot say under that freedom.  We do not have a bench mark to begin to understand a name so sacred and revered it cannot be pronounced.   I am glad that we know God as papa I am thankful for Jesus the bridegroom king.   But to have such awe and wonder over a God who is so awesome and terrible that no form of control evens the use of his name is allowed.  We as Americans have such a hunger for knowledge as if knowledge alone would set us free and keep us free.   Knowledge without power marks the life of a man or woman that does not have a grasp of the God who is so awesome there is no name to describe his beauty and holiness.

With all the compound names God has revealed to us so we might understand his character qualities maybe the name that is so awesome it cannot be pronounced speaks the loudest to us..  Our finite minds can never understand an infinite God but we can know him in a personal way.  It seems that everyone who has relationship with God that relationship is expressed differently in their lives.   But all who have drawn close to God even if they cannot express it understand this concept of  God that sometimes there are not words to express or describe God properly we revert to saying he is like this or that.  However there are times when there is nothing to compare to and we are speechless in awe of the one who has this name that is so awesome it cannot be spoken.  Father we pray lead us into the relationship with you that you planned from the beginning.

God Bless you!