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The history of Jesus his life, death and resurrection is “Good News”. When Jesus after the resurrection told the disciples to take the gospel to the world, the Greek word for gospel is interpreted good news. You may have heard many things called the gospel but did it sound like good news.

The truth is God wants a long lasting loving relationship with every person alive on the planet. Regardless of whom you are or what you have done God loves you. The good news is the life, death and resurrection of Jesus paid the complete penalty for all sin past present and future. Sin separates no one from God unless that person chooses to separate. You heard me correctly; God is like a father that has missing children he is waiting with open arms for their return.

When God created man, he created him an eternal being in the image and likeness of himself. He put man in a garden and personally visited him everyday. In the cool of the day, he walked and talked with Adam and Eve. Thus, we see God’s true intention from the beginning was to have a personal relationship with man. God had one rule do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Man could not keep the one rule God had thus when man sinned he began to die. However, God planned a way he could restore man and have a personal relationship with him. He knew humanity would never be able to redeem itself. He gave humanity the law and the prophet’s humanity could not keep the words of either. The law and the prophets revealed to humanity that they needed a savior. Many good men and women came and went but none could be the sacrifice because all were under the curse of sin.

When the time was right, God sent his son Jesus into the world to fulfill the law and the prophets. Jesus lived a perfect life and through his life, he revealed his fathers love to the world. Look at the life of Jesus and you will see the heart of the father. Jesus healed the sick, hung out with the dishonest, the prostitutes, the churched and the unclean, without becoming like any of them. His presence in the room turned every heart that could hear to the father. If you read the words of Jesus, they immediately confront you with the weight of what he had to say. Either he was the Son of God or he was an imposter. Everyone that has truly given his or her life to him has discovered that he really is the son of the living God.

I would like to invite you today to give your life to Jesus, give him your sin and ask him to fill you with his love and righteousness. You do not need a priest or a preacher as you give your life and your sin to him you will experience a change in your life, as you have never seen before. God’s love will flood your heart and Christ’s life will guide you. After you give your life to Jesus find a group of believers to join, you are part of the family of God we need one another.

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God Bless You

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