My Friend

I have a respect for God, he is awesome and awe inspiring. I realize he is full of power and literally can see the whole span of time start to finish as if I am looking at my computer screen. Therefore, how one might ask can you be friends with God. It almost sounds pretentious just to say it. As I was thinking about where to start on this blog, I thought of many different ways I could approach my relationship with God. However, it is a little intimidating when you realize after 28 years of knowing God I understand very few things about Him. I have read books about Him, listened to religious leaders talk about Him and spent time with Him. Still the more I find out about Him the less it all seems to fit in my head.

God the creator of the universe left his words written in Holy Scriptures that he gave His only son so that we could be a part of His family. I know to some people those words roll off their tongue as if it was as natural as waking up in the morning. I know I could not give my only son for my best friend much less for people that hate me. That one point about God is hard to comprehend until you view it in light of relationship. I would move whatever was in the way to save my son from destruction; if it came down to it, I would die for him. God feels that way about us; he loves us just as we are. I am not talking just about people in His church or those with everything together. I am talking about everyone on planet earth; God loves them and wants them in His family. Again, even in light of relationship I have hit another thing I cannot possibly understand.

Finally, a few years back I decided that I would be better off if I just enjoyed the relationship I have with God. Enjoy Him and the life breath He has given to rest in knowing that you are a son of God has a peace and joy that nothing but God can give. The Gospel as I mentioned in the header of my blog means ā€œGood News!ā€ God is not angry or frustrated nor is He in a epic battle for the souls of men, the truth is God is Love.

God Bless You,

James Yates


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