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Creativity comes from God

I have been thinking this week about having God’s presence and life in everything I do. My job can be very stressful at times I work in information technology so when something quits functioning. The heat is on to get things back to normal, so how in the middle of chaos do you have peace. Sunday one of our lay preachers brought a message about praising God in the middle of chaos. One thing I have noticed about sermons, it is not long before you get a chance to find out if you were paying attention. Monday the stress started and I took time to praise the Lord. Praising God not only adjusted my attitude toward things going on it also released creative thinking. I do not expect God to give me talent in creative areas like art or music. I love both but cannot create either. However, where I do have talent, I need the creativity of God.

God Bless

James Yates