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I support President Obama

I think it is time that we as Christians stand on what the word of God makes plain. We are called to pray for our leaders. I do not support President Obama’s policies and I do not like the direction he is taking the country. However, God did not say only pray for those who you agree with, He simply said pray for those in authority over you that we may lead a quite and peaceable life (1 Timothy 2:1-4). Most people’s lives are not quite and peaceable could it be directly related to our lack of prayer for the people in authority over this nation?

If you think your political party can return godliness to America you are already in deception. God is the only one who can turn America around. We really do not have answers that will stop the tide of destruction, God holds those keys and he releases the keys to the people who pray. You can join the world and belly ache and curse President Obama or you can join God and pray for President Obama’s blessing and protection.

I asked God “What can I do now?” I sensed I heard the Lord say pray for President Obama in two areas that the blessing of God is with him and for him and his family’s protection from harm. I have begun already to pray and ask for protection and blessing on President Obama and His family.

If we continue to act like the world and curse President Obama and forward derogatory comments and pictures to one another, we are not acting like the church we are acting like the world. If you hate Obama, Jesus said pray for your enemies. When we act like the world we enforce President Obama’s words that we are not a Christian Nation. I would personally love to see God use a President like Obama to turn things around. I do not claim to understand or know what God is up to but I do know that he has ordained the Church to make a difference in the Nation not a political party. Change starts with repentance for the way we have dishonored our leaders and those who have opinions we do not understand. We need to turn again with our whole heart toward God and pray with earnestness that God’s name be honored in our nation and we in humility pray without ceasing for the leaders of this country that deceiving spirits lose their foothold in this great nation. Our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in high places. If we as Christians unite our prayers for the leaders of this nation we could began to see once again the power of God in our nation, no one can stand against the power of our awesome God.

When we fail to pray we are voting God out of our government process our disengaged state of prayerlessness is an open sign that we do not believe God can make a difference.